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We were at Google during a very exciting time that included the unveiling of Google's new logo, the re-launch of their Translation app, the new Android OS name reveal and the premiere of a YouTube show about the inner workings of Google. And we were fortunate enough to be a part of all of these things.

Google’s logo revamp was long in the making, but they turned to us to make it more snazzy and approachable. We decided to add a human touch and a sprinkle of nostalgia. Enter flipbooks! We prototyped, designed, built and flipped. Oh, we flipped like we’d never flipped before!

Once done, Google picked our book to share with the world and as a result it became the most successful social post in Google’s online history.

We also had the pleasure of working on Nat & Lo's 20% Project - a YouTube show were two Googlers find out more about things they’re curious about at Google. Here is the episode that kicked the whole thing off and if you like what you see you can check out the show here:

And here are some videos we created:

During this time, Google was also launching a new version of the Translation app and brought us on board to promote it. Here are some pieces we created:

Last, but not least, we worked on the top secret and highly anticipated Android M OS launch - a time where everyone was speculating about what the sweet treat that M stood for was. Trivia: never trust a random marshmallow lying around because a marshmallow that you want to eat looks just like a marshmallow that you really don’t want to eat.

No matter how iconic a brand gets, it still needs to keep up with all of these crazy millennials roaming the internets! Such was the case when Oreo approached me to reimagine how the world would see its favorite cookie.

To do this, the idea was simple: Let's go back to the way things used to be, hand-made and one-of-a-kind. My inspiration were simple organic materials like paper, clay, and felt as well as natural light and bright pops of color. Did I mention color? Lots. of color.

With this eye-catching look being adopted by all of Oreo's markets globally, this new natural look stood out as universally friendly and accessible.

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We were given this assignment with the problem that young people do not consider classical music to be something that they would do in their free time. The main reason for this, we thought, was that classical music was seen as a passive activity with too much emphasis on listening and not enough on what really makes going to a live concert worthwhile: the show.

2012 Cannes Future Lions: FINALIST

Made possible by my team partner, Deepanjali Singh, and our instructor, Tobias Grimm at Jung von Matt.

Ray-Ban frames have been the definition of vintage style for decades but most people don't know that what really makes Ray-Ban a quality product are the lenses. With the technology behind it, we wanted to show how Ray-Bans don't just make you look photo-ready cool but also help your world become picture perfect with every step you take.

2012 Cannes Future Lions: FINALIST

Made possible by my team partner, Racheal Stirling, and our instructors Parker Sims and Guido Boehm at Ogilvy New York.